These are the Prices to have the Metalife finish applied to the following parts:
Metalife Parts
Revolver $150.00
Semi-automatic handgun $155.00
Semi-automatic handgun with an aluminum frame $170.00
Slide ONLY $70.00
Complete upper of semi-automatic handgun $78.00
Complete lower of semi-automatic handgun $78.00
Extra magazines (one mag is included with each gun) Price each: $10.00
Bolt Action Rifle $175.00
Automatic Rifle $180.00
Aluminum floorplate and trigger guard $38.00
Scope rings w/base $35.00
Rifle Barrel $55.00
Shotgun Receiver ONLY $85.00
Complete action $150.00
Ordering Info
These are the prices to have Electroless Nickel applied to the following parts:
Electroless Nickel Parts
Revolver $135.00
Semi-automatic handgun $135.00
Extra Magazine (one included w/gun) Price each $10.00
Shotgun (riot) $135.00
Shotgun Folding Stock $70.00
Some other Miscellaneous Services which we offer are as follows:
Miscellaneous Parts
Nickel Strip (Per gun) $30.00
Extra Polishing or Metalwork (Per hour) $30.00
Shipping and Handling charges are as follows:
Shipping and Handling
Complete Handgun $18.00
Long Gun $10.00
Each additional gun in the box add $6.00
Parts only $12.00

We automatically insure boxes up to $500.00 at no extra charge

Additional insurance over $500.00 is charged at .90 per $100.00

Note - California Residents - We can not accept firearms from the state of California at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

6% Sales tax will be added for Pennsylvania orders.

*All Prices are subject to change without notice.