(For your convenience you may print this Order Form and send it in with your order.)


Once you determine which finish is right for you the procedure is very simple.

Note - California Residents - We can not accept firearms from the state of California at this time.


Make sure you have shot a few rounds if your piece is new.

Be sure to have any gunsmithing done prior to sending your piece in for plating.

Although we have a very experienced gunsmith, our concentration is on the plating of firearms.

Our gunsmithing is limited to the removal and re-installation of sites.


Packing your order:


You may send your firearm fully assembled or in pieces.

Pack your order well to avoid damage in shipment.

All parts will be done except for the springs and deep down inside the bore.

The plating process only reaches about as far as the diameter of the opening of the bore.

Place pieces of masking tape on areas that you would like to bring to the attention of the gunsmith.

Keep all paperwork and instructions WITH your package. DO NOT send instructions separately. We prefer all instructions in writing with your order.

*Note that we do not process Colt Cobras or Agents. Also, we do not recommend plating swivels, as they cannot be properly disassembled.

*Include a note stating which finish you prefer. Metalife, or Electroless Nickel.



Payment Methods


Enclose a check, money order or your Visa or Master Card # and expiration date. If you decide to pay by credit card, we will not charge your account until the order is leaving our shop.


Our turnaround time is approximately 30 days.



Our Shipping address is:

Mahovsky's Metalife
2327 Eureka Road
Grand Valley, PA 16420
(814) 436-7747



*We receive shipments daily via UPS and Fed Ex. Your shipments will be secured once it arrives by either of those carriers.

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